Further notices

Tim Roos Law firm
  • is the trade name of Mr T. Roos B.V. , the one-man practice in which Mr T. Roos (Tim Roos) practices law; Tim Roos is registered as a lawyer with the Dutch Bar Association (https://www.advocatenorde.nl/).https://www.advocatenorde.nl/).
  • complies with the rules of the Dutch Bar Association, including the Advocatenwet (law on lawyers), the Gedragsregels 2018 (code of conduct) and the Verordening op de advocaat (regulation on the legal profession);
  • does not have a third-party funds foundation and therefore cannot receive third-party funds;
  • has taken out professional indemnity insurance with Allianz Nederland Corporate, (PO Box 761, 3000 AT Rotterdam), which meets the requirements set by the Dutch Bar Association;
  • has arranged for a substitute in case of absence;
  • works under the applicability of its general terms and conditions, which can be consulted on this website (link to General Terms and Conditions); these terms and conditions contain a limitation of liability and stipulate among other things that assignments or agreements with Tim Roos Advocatuur are subject to Dutch law and the Rotterdam District Court is exclusively authorised to take cognisance of disputes;
  • is subject to its complaints procedure, which can be consulted on this website (link to complaints procedure). If a complaint does not lead to a solution, the District Court of Rotterdam will be competent.
  • • has registered the following main area of practice in the Register of Legal Entities of the Netherlands Bar Association: General practice. On the basis of this registration, he is obliged to obtain ten training points in this field of law every calendar year in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.

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